Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday Thoughts

Hi friends, I am so angry right now.I just read in Lisa Jo's journal some AH broke into her house and stole her digital camera.God that pisses me off, I keep asking Why Lisa Jo ? She is a good , and decent person to so many in J-Land.I just do'nt understand .I am sending Lisa a package in the mail today, for me it wo'nt get there fast enough.I am still loving Jen for posting that CSI calender link in her journal.I have wanted a CSI calender for years and now finally I will have one.I went to Macaroni Grill last night with my mom and brother and I ordered a salad with parmesan chicken in it and the waiter brought my mom and brother's dinners and said mine was coming , and then 20 minutes later the manager of the restaurant said the person before me had ordered the last chicken salad, I was like typical.So he said I could order any entree that would be on the house so I ordered the chicken scallopeni.My stomach has been kind of sick ever since.Geeze I'm never going to that place again.Always Something, Have a good Friday everyone, Love You All Lisa


siennastarr said...

It is sad about Lisa Jo.. and her camera!  I feel so bad for her.  She waited so long to get that camera, and was having so much fun using it, and now it's gone.  Bad people suck! :(

Sorry your tummy isn't feeling well..  I hope you feel better soon, Lisa!


chat2missie said...

I'm saddend by what happend to Lisa Jo also.  The world does suck sometimes doesn't it??  Bad things always happen to those who are good!  

mmartinez07 said...

I'm upset about Lisa Jo too, I cannot believe that someone would have the nerve to break into her home, and to steal something that has no value to him. He can't do anything without the software. Why her? It's just not fair and it makes me sick, and pissed!

I had a restaurant run out of something I ordered also and they didn't tell me until my family's food was on it's way to the table! I'm like, "well, what do I do while my family eats their nice warm meal, twiddle my thumbs?" My husband got mad and told them to keep all the food and we left.

(((HUGS))) Mandy :)

indigosunmoon said...

I haven't made it to Lisa jo's journal today so I didn't
know this.  How awful! Bless her heart!
Thanks for posting this.  I'm going to go to her journal

queeniemart said...

You are the kindest person...thank you for being my friend Lisa. I am days behind on all journals, again.

I have never been to that restaurant...i hope you got your dinner free! What a bunch of AHs to make you wait that long!!
LOVE you,
PS- you didnt have to send me anything in the mail!