Monday, August 14, 2006

20 questions with Lisa

hi friends, hope your Monday was pretty good.Usually I do'nt care much for Mondays.Jackie had an awesome journal entry today, I wish I knew how to cut and paste , anyhow I'll do one similar to hers , lol

1) Are you friendly ? I am and I really try to be at my job as a cashier.

2) Who is your favorite actress ? Awwww some of you already know, lol , the lovely Jorja Fox who plays Sara Sidle to perfection on C.S.I.

3) What is your favorite animal ? Cats , I love them so much !!!!!!!

4) What are you addicted to? For me it would be C.S.I. of course, cats, angels, green tea, green apple chewing gum, ginger Altoids, M.A.C. make-up, shopping, Anthony, lol.

5) What causes you great pain in life? Ohhhhh deep question there, probably the fact my father and I do'nt speak, he has never treated me good ever since I was born.

6) Who do you admire ? I would say my mom, Anthony because he really knows how to manage our store so well and Jorja Fox because she is so beautiful and such an amazing actress !!!!!!!

7) What is something you ca'nt live without ? Music, gotta have it !!!!!!!

8) What is your favorite line from a T.V. show ? Wow since I love C.S.I. so much there are so many lines I love from that show, the writing is superb !!!! But probably from the episode Evaluation Day where Nick was mad he was'nt being given a higher job position and Grissom told him he was'nt ready,then goes to Nick "Repeat after me, silk, silk, silk" and Nick goes "Silk, Silk, Silk, " Grissom goes "What do cows drink? "Milk" Nick answered "No, Grissom responded "Cows give milk , they drink water" and then he whispered "You're not ready " Later Nick tried the riddle out on Catherine and he went "Repeat after me , Silk, Silk , Silk" and so Catherine went "Silk, Silk, Silk" Nick went "What do cows drink?" Catherine answered "Water why?" Nick said 'Never mind"

9) What do you do to relax? Pop in a cd of my favorite music

10) What is a wish you would like to come true ? I would love to be in Las Vegas during a filming of C.S.I. so I could meet the cast and meet Jorja.

11) What inspires you ? Hmmmmm tough question? My grandma I would say

12) What are your favorite smells? Cookies baking, the sidewalk after it rains, roses, vanilla, chocolate.

13) What do you hate ? Ignorance, mean people, people who call me and hang up on my answering machine, rudeness, long lines, being ignored, people who talk during movies,

14) What is your favorite place ? Las Vegas

15) Who from your childhood do you still love? Hello Kitty

16) What is your favorite magazine? US weekly

17) Who do you miss ? Debbi she moved over a year ago, she was my best friend

18) Who annoys you ? George W Bush, my dad, people who come in my line at work yakking on thier cell phones, my neighbors here at my apartment complex

19) What is your favorite beauty product? Lancome Defencils mascara, love it !!!!!!!!!

20) What makes you happy? Getting snail-mail, feeding ducks, taking an awesome picture with my digital camera, my J-land friends, finding a Jorja Fox picture in a magazine, Having Anthony give me a compliment.


siennastarr said...

I love music too!  These were different questions then the ones I used.  Did you make these up, or find them somewhere?  I loved your answers!  Always fun getting to know you better, Lisa! :)


indigosunmoon said...

Great answers Lisa!!