Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sunday Thoughts

Hi friends, hope you all had an enjoyable Sunday.I worked again today and Cyndie ( Our district manager) decided to come by and greet us with her presence.I saw her talking on her cell phone when I walked in this morning, probably showing off, lol.Thank god her visit was'nt a long one, she asked me to straighten the fake flowers so I said "Sure " and went off to do it, I chuckled to myself as I was doing that picturing the look on her face if I would have told her to " Go jump in a lake" Cyndie is not really a very likable person most of the time and I do'nt care for her much as a person. She was actually in a rare good mood today when I saw her, also when she was sitting in the back of the store writing something I heard her laugh for the very first time, I was surprised , I did'nt think she knew how, lol.Anyhow my day was ok , the store was really busy , more then yesterday.Thank God tommorow I am off, I need to take a breather after 3 days in a row.If any of you guys would still like a San Mateo postcard let me know and email me your address and I'll get one out to you, I bought more tonight after work, I have a very special friend who has a birthday tommorow, Lisa , my new friend who has the journal Do'nt Take Life For Granted, she is a sweetie and I think she is just an awesome lady, so go over to Lisa's journal, her link is in my other journal's section and send her some sweet birthday wishes !!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Lisa !!!!!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day , thanks for being a good friend !!!!!!! Love You All Lisa


seraphoflove9001 said...

aaaawwww, thank you so much Lisa! That means so much to me! :o) You're such a sweet person as well! :o) And glad to hear that you had a better day today at work! :o)

therealslimemmy said...

have a great day off tomorrow
wow cyndie laughed!
<3, emily

bobbysgirl8584 said...

Hey Lisa!! Glad you survived the dreaded visit from Cyndie. How are things in sunny California?? Enjoy your day off; you deserve it after yesterday.
Have a good day!

chat2missie said...

Enjoy your day off.

siennastarr said...

Enjoy your day off, and thanks for the heads up about Lisa.. :)