Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Tuesday Thoughts

Hi friends, just got home a short time ago.Not a bad day today to say the least.I am still sorry I did'nt give my friend Anne my email address and phone number when she came by Saturday unexpectedly.I just pray she comes back soon again.One of my co-workers Jeff won a lap top computer for selling a record amount of Izze drinks at my store with all of our help of course.I was getting ready to go home today and Robert handed me a 50 dollar Apple computer gift card, I was like Sweet !!!!!!!!!! There was a gift card for all of us at the store, I think Cheryl told me Anthony bought my gift card for me, ok I take back everything bad I said about him, he is awesome and if his only fault is not wanting his picture taken then so be it.I have been spotting on and off today, my period is really messed up this month, maybe the heat ? Anyhow I am off for the next 2 days, Yea !!!!!!!!!!!!! I will send all of you a summary of my favorite CSI episode Gumdrops in a few days.If my calculations are correct it should be on Thursday August 17, th at 9:00 on CBS.The little girl in that episode Cassie is so beautiful and sweet.I hope someday to have a daughter like Cassie.Love You All Lisa


chat2missie said...

How cool!  A gift card!

queeniemart said...

maybe you need to call the doctor about the spotting....congrats on that gift card. Enjoy your days off.