Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday Thoughts

Hi friends, I met an awesome new friend today who has an online journal called Please Do'nt Take Life For Granted. I added her journal in the side bar on the home page of my journal if you guys want to check it out  and leave her a comment.Her name is Lisa too and despite having MS and fibromyalgia she still has a great outlook on life. She is a really nice person and an inspiration to everyone who has an illness.  I went to Long's today to get a postcard for Lisa but they did'nt have any.I will try Hallmark on Tuesday. By the way if any of you guys would still like to exchange postcards with me I'll buy a whole bunch of California ones Tuesday.I have 7 nasty mosquito bites on my right leg.I got attacked the other night by one.I hate mosquitos !!!!!!!!!!! Anyhow I am off work for the next two days but in a way I wish I was working more this week.Hope you all have a great Sunday, Hugs Lisa

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queeniemart said...

Sure, send me a postcard....i never got one from your trip to Vegas! There sure are alot of us Lisa's in J Land huh? Thats why i use my middle name too.
LOVE, lj