Sunday, August 6, 2006

There are no people nicer then J-landers

Hi friends, hope you all had a good Sunday.I hope our sweet pal Cyndy is doing better.She is in my thoughts tonight.I did'nt get much sleep last night, there was a fire engine honking it's loud horn at 3:00 a .m. I had been sleeping good until that , I rolled over in bed and moaned into my pillow.Now why do they need to blast thier horn so early in the morning? I ca'nt imagine there are that many cars out at 3:00 a.m. , oh well anyway there is this big jerk who lives here in my apartment, I tried to say "Hi" to him once when I went down to fetch my morning paper and he just stared at me like I was from Mars or something.What an rude AH huh !!!!!!!!!! So that was that, now everytime I see him I just walk right by the creep and do'nt say anything.I wish he would move, I hate people like that !!!!!!!!!!! Guess it's above him to say "Hello" I try to give everybody a chance but if they are ever mean or rude to me even once I have a hard time forgiving them.I pretty much avoid them or write them off , Mean people suck and I do'nt want them in my life !!!!!!!!!!!!! I think my J-land friends are the nicest people in the world, I love you all so much, by the way I've been pondering lately if I should go public, what do you guys think ? Love You All Lisa  XO


mastersblynn said...

You will meet alot more nice jlanders if you do....

queeniemart said...

We are surrounded by many many rude and obnoxious humans on this planet who were raised wrong or who think they are better than others. Well, screw them. lol

Yeah, if you want more readers, go public. Find more journals and comment and then leave your link. Thats how i found all of you.
XO XO lisa jo

chat2missie said...

If you want to meet more people then yes, go public!  Have a good week.

siennastarr said...

Unless you have something that your hiding, and don't want the outside world to see, than, yes, I would go public!  You will get far more readers that way!


indigosunmoon said...

I have a private and a public journal.  Don't write much
in the private one, but at least I know its there if I need
it.  It's strictly up to you hun!