Friday, October 12, 2007


Hi friends, thank you to Terry Ann for the beautiful tag above.Today was an absolutely perfect day at work, I wish everyday would be like today.Everyone I waited on was in a good mood and I got 17 people to sign up for our emails which Anthony was pleased about.By the way for those of you who have a World Market near you I have 16 Friends and Family coupons on my dresser so if any of you want one let me know and I'll mail one out to you.This year the Friends and Family Days are November 9'th through November 12'th and you can re-use the coupon for all 4 days too.For those of you who saw CSI last night was that promo for next week sweet or what ?????? Wow Grissom is going to pop the question to Sara and ask her to marry him, how sweet and awesome is that ?????? She had better say "Yes" too or I can tell him I am available, lol.Hope you all have a great and relaxing weekend, the rain has cleared up and the weather this weekend should be perfect, yea, I Love You All Lisa XOXO


jckfrstross said...

enjoy your weekend


imgr8phil said...

Glad work was good for you today.  Couild be she is going to decline marriage and have to go away to get some space to think, thus she may or may not come back after that.  Who knows?  You should know everything about this show, you are the number one fan arean't you?  Have a good weekend.


toonguykc said...

I haven't seen CSI since the first episode (I kept my promise to you) because I love "Supernatural" on CW too much!  I'm glad you had a good day.


nay0114 said...

Glad you had a great day at work.
Take care, Chrissie

eml625 said...

I'm glad you  had a good day at work! Enjoy your weekend.

ukgal36 said...

I would love a know how much i love World Market..and I always smile and say hi back to the cashiers now too... ;-)

emmi2sweet said...

I hope Sara says yes. Emmi

emabecmar said...

glad you had a nice day at work. this last csi was kind of strange, but i liked it. can't wait til the next one. and she had better say yes, lol. ((((((((hugs))))))

chat2missie said...

Enjoy your Saturday and I'm glad work was better for you.

dca721 said...

Hi Lisa,
Son and I have been meaning check out the World Market, would love couupon if you could spare.
Glad you had a good day at work.
I am so glad too that it is the weekend.
CSI was sweet...
if she would say no, which I doubt...I'm available also!
He'd have women lining up! lol
Have a good day.

rgossett4195 said...

hee hee you're so cute!  xoxo have a great weekend too!  love, rose

cuteallison1980 said...

That's such a cute graphic.  I hope you will have a pleasant day like you did yesterday.  Keep those positive thoughts in your head and positive things will happen.  Luv ya!


kamdghwmw said...

I will have to check and see if we have a world market near us. Being a house rat I do not get out that much! LOL

bojgill4375 said...

Really gladd that everything went good at work!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend too. Janie

queeniemart said...

i havent seen that CSI yet. I did watch that promo you sent me.
Glad you had a good day at work!
XO lj

heavenlybama said...

Argh.....I missed CSI this week.  :(  Maybe I can watch it online.