Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday Entry

  Hi friends, I wo'nt be here later so this is my entry for today.My brother called my uncle Mark up this morning and told him what is going on so now at least he knows.I thought maybe, although it seemed like a long shot but since my dad came close to dying a few months ago that near death experience might make him a little more human but I should have known better.Sometimes I wonder despite all the abuse in my family , mostly on my dad's side of the family how I turned out to be a good person, I could have gone the other way and become a mean spiteful bitch who hates the world but that was'nt God's plan for me.I must say though there are some of you who have also gone to hell and back in life but despite that you have grown to become some of the most amazing people I have ever met and I admire you guys very much.My new water pills my doctor prescribed last week for me are'nt working out too well, they make my stomach hurt and zap my energy making me very tired.I'm going to tell my doctor this week they are'nt working out.It is cold and overcast here today, I hope the sun comes out later.Last night when I went out on my balcony Catherine was down below in the grass looking for food so I threw some fish and cat kibbles down to her.She is a little less afraid now, she is a pretty cat, white with a few patches.I hope you all have a good Sunday, I'll be meeting my uncle around 4:00 p.m. at Outback, I Love You All Lisa XOXO


lindapaterson177 said...

Hope you had a agood day!
bella xx

chevyz71gurl74 said...

I'm on water pills also...they seem to be helping me quite a bit....mine is the generic form of Microzide....
Hope the Dr. finds one for you that helps.
I go to the Dr. tomorrow to see if my BP meds are helping...


rgossett4195 said...

Some people never change.  And then those of us who do  are left to deal with them.  I think that despite them and how they act we learn to be better people.  I think we realize just how blessed we are, no matter our circumstances.  Have fun with your uncle!  love, rose

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I am glad you didn't become a mean spiteful bitch...Sorry to hear your dad is being a butt!  Will keep all in my prayers.  Hope you have a great day...getting ready to head to do school shopping..10 days!!!  Have a good day!  Hugs,TerryAnn

nay0114 said...

Have a great dinner... wish I was going too.
Glad your brother told your uncle.
You know we all hope that those near death experiences change mean people, I thought that would change my MIL too, but she's back to the same person it only lasted a little while either that or it was just because she thought John and I were getting back together.
Now she's sucking up to the bankrupt phone sex bimbo, but funny thing is my FIL can't stand bimbo. Of course, I told him the truth about her when she first arrived on the scene so FIL has bimbo's number already.
My MIL has no idea that I am the one that made John call her all those times she was in the hospital and sick. He could have cared less. John told me to check on her for him. Great son, huh? But she doesn't know all that and I would never tell her that stuff. But yeah near death changes nobody.
I think you're an awesome sweet person who means no harm to anybody. I'm glad I found your journal or vice versa don't even remember anymore.
COLD and overcast... we're burning up over here. Darn that means John is have a cold vacation.. ROFL...oopppsss that was my evil side grinning.
Take care, Chrissie

queeniemart said...

i was raised by a con artist who is also a drunk plus had a mom who is a drunk who also left me and God knows, somehow, like you i also try to be a decent human being.....these parents sometimes dont know how much they really suck. Your dad is missing out on a hell of a daughter.
XO lj

dca721 said...

Hope you have a nice dinner.
You know what they say...only the good die that would rule out your dad.
What a shame.
I am glad that you have cut him out of your life though.
He doesn't deserve you.

chat2missie said...

Have a good Monday!

toonguykc said...

You deserve to have a very good make that happen!!

emabecmar said...

Did you know water pills rob your body of potassium? Try eatting a banana or taking a potassium vitamin while on the water pills. Have a great time out with your uncle. ((((((hugs))))))))

seraphoflove9001 said...

I hope you have a better day. :o)

bojgill4375 said...

Well that is good that your uncle knows. Hope you have a wonderful time with your uncle. Prayers, Janie

cacklinrosie101 said...

It amazes me also but you are sweet and Jland is filled with so many who were raised like crap and still have huge hearts.  I hope your uncles can set things right.  HUGS  Chris

siennastarr said...

Lisa, you are a beautiful person with an even more beautiful heart and soul!  I feel very fortunate to know you, my sweet friend!   OHHHH......and thank you so much for the post card!!  I love it!!!

Big hugs