Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A troll named John is on the loose in J-Land

 Hi friends, I feel alot better today, just wanted to let you all know there is a troll named Johnjjschmidt who is making the rounds in J-land.He has hit several of my friend's journal's here that I care about very much and left mean comments.All I have to say is he must be trying to make up for having a small willy or something and is just seeking attention so do'nt let his stupid comments get to you.He is a worthless turd and he needs to crawl back under that rock he slithered out from, I Love You All Lisa XOXO


sugarsweet056 said...

He hit me last yr or was it yr before. Same guy! Left a bad comment about my weight, I emailed & talked with him & he came back to my journal & left an apology.
Then later, a few mos later I got an ugly comment from someone else about my journal. I just blocked the name.
Don't see why people want to do that sort of thing!
They may hit me again. :(

chat2missie said...

Yes, he hit me last night.  Love your Britney and Kevin tag! LOL

ukgal36 said...

OMG Lisa you just cracked me up with the small willy comment...
I adore you!

emmi2sweet said...

LMAO ... thanks for the laughs, I really needed it today. Emmi

seraphoflove9001 said...

I already seen that others had problems..so I blocked him from my journal. Thank you Lisa for the heads up. :o)

kamdghwmw said...

Why are some people so mean? I do not get it.

jckfrstross said...

LOL have a good night:)


rgossett4195 said...

Lovely, what a loser.  btw love the graphic!  xoxo rose

imgr8phil said...

You are making me laugh about the turd that poses as a troll.  Take care cutie and have a nice hump day tomorrow.


queeniemart said...

a worthless turd. I love that word--turd. He has been blocked from my screen name!

eml625 said...

I saw him in one journal, could you email the rest that he's been on. I wanted to call the guy out , but it was decided not to, so I'm glad YOU did !!!
He must be lacking somewhere , your right about that, probably cant keep it up either !!!!!!
love ya

emabecmar said...

woooooohoooooooo you go girl, lol. teach him to mess with you right? ((((((hugs))))))

dca721 said...

Hi Lisa!
You cracked me up when you spoke of the man without a penis...lol
Glad you are feeling better.
Sorry I missed you tonight.
Love you,

motoxmom72 said...

Hiya Lisa...I called the guy out on my journal.  If you wanna slam my journal in public.....I'll speak back in public since the guy doesn't have a journal.  A weenieless snert and troll.  Some nice names being bandied about!~

toonguykc said...

Delete his comments and block him from posting.  I deal with trolls like this every few months.  Bothersome  and not worth thinking about.


bojgill4375 said...

LOL Terry Ann made an entry after he visited her journal. lol  He should know better than that!! lol Hope he don't find me! lol Have a great evening... late making comments tonight. Or should say this morning!! Blessings, Janie